New Commissions as Speech Offering Grows

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We are growing our footprint in speech programming and secured commissions for a range of work, including a visual documentary for BBC iPlayer and five audio documentaries, all for BBC Radio 1.

Adam Uytman, Head of Content says: “From OCD to people who like to dress up as animals, we use a range of topics to shine a light on issues such as mental health, wellbeing, addiction, physical health and self-confidence issues – all subjects which touch the lives of the Radio 1 audience.

“Producing impactful visual and audio content for a young audience has been part of Wisebuddah’s portfolio for some time.  We’ve had considerable success in speech and are delighted to be growing our team in this area.”

Our commissions comprise:

  • Meet the Furries (a visual documentary for BBC iPlayer and an audio doc) – All around the world people are dressing up as furry animals. Is it a fetish? Or simply a way of making friends? This programme finds out what this growing community is really all about.
  • OCD (audio doc) – OCD begins to affect men during late adolescence and women in their early twenties. Three young people with various manifestations, such as constant checking, hoarding, and intrusive thoughts, talk about how the disorder affects their lives.
  • Pocket Money Drugs (audio doc) – explores the growing use of laughing gas (nitrous oxide), which has now been taken by one in ten 16 to 24-year-olds.
  • Young & Bankrupt (audio doc) – There’s been a 34% rise in under-25s seeking help for debt in the last two years. It’s a familiar story, but this documentary explores how bad debt is affecting young people’s physical and mental health, causing them depression, insomnia and in some cases driving them to suicide. 
  • Dropping out (audio doc) – exploring why around one in 10 UK university students fail to complete their course, and the reasons behind it. 
  • Runaways (audio doc) – Every five minutes, a child in the UK runs away from home. This doc tracks one such case from the moment it appears on social media through to the story’s conclusion.

Our profile of shows for young people includes high profile projects like  Britain’s Young Witches, Brows on Fleek, Get Muscly In a Month and High Street Hijabis, all for BBC Radio 1 Stories. 

We recently strengthened our speech production arm with the appointment of Gabriella Jones as Producer, whose experience spans a wide range of speech content production.  Latterly at the BBC World Service, where she produced psychology show The Why Factor;  Gabriella also worked at The Guardian where her roles included: Producer of Election Daily, Politics Weekly and Football Weekly; and Series Producer for The Guardian’s Global Development podcasts, where she covered stories on international health issues. Her experience also includes audio content creation for museums and heritage sites including The Ashmolean Museum and the National Trust, as well as Development Producer for The School of Life’s YouTube channel producing video series covering psychology and philosophy. The channel has 3 million subscribers.

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