Rex Factor goes live!

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Award-winning content company Wisebuddah are bringing podcasting phenomenon Rex Factor to the stage for the first time.  The tour will be delivered by Kilimanjaro Live, one of the UK’s leading live music and entertainment events promoters and producers.

Josh Adley, Head of Business Development, Wisebuddah says: “With a global audience of over three million downloads, celebrity followers and a really strong USP, there’s no surprise that fans have been asking for a live Rex Factor show for some time.  When the team approached us we could see that there was a great opportunity not only to bring Rex Factor to the stage, but bring a live element into the Rex Factor podcast.

“Hit podcasts develop large, and loyal, fan-bases that have a passion to learn and experience more about the content they love.  It’s easy to see why hit podcasts can transition so well from audio to live, such as the sell-out tour of My Dad Wrote a Porno that took the UK and Europe by storm.  We are delighted to be helping bring Rex Factor to the stage, and helping develop it as a wider entertainment proposition.”

The Rex Factor podcast was founded in 2010 by two young history buffs Graham Duke and Ali Hood. Their mission: to create a well researched, light-hearted, unscripted more accessible approach to history.   Over the past seven years they have been rating all the Kings and Queens of England, top trumps style.  Applauded by history experts and the public alike Rex Factor has been acclaimed for “the chemistry between the two hosts”, their “meticulous research… and dry sense of humour”, and called “an amazing way to learn about England… a fantastic podcast that absolutely everyone should try.”  With over three million downloads it regularly appears at the top of the iTunes chart.  On 12 September Rex Factor will be launched as an crowd-funded animation, which is also now the subject of interest from TV companies. 

Carlo Scarampi of Kilimanjaro Live says: “We take particular pride in working with a variety of new talent and are very excited to be working on this fascinating project. Graham and Ali have created something unique with universal appeal, which is perfect for the stage.  We can see the show appealing to their current podcast fans, but also a new audience who have yet to discover the podcast.  It’s a great proposition and we are delighted that Wisebuddah approached us to be involved.”

The live tour starts on 7 November and includes dates in London, Bristol, Oxford, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.  Tickets are available from

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