The New Sound of Fun Radio in France

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Listeners of the iconic Fun Radio in France can now hear the brand new sound of the station.

We have produced a new custom ID package, complete with a new sonic identity, to reflect the unique sound of one of Europe’s most listened to CHR networks.

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager: “We’re honored to be working alongside one of France’s most exciting radio networks. The brief was create a sound which reflected the values of a young, feelgood, energetic CHR station whilst incorporating a new sonic identity in a competitive marketplace – which the creative team have delivered.

We are delighted to add Fun Radio to our rich repertoire of stellar radio brands who we work alongside.”

Julien Le Ny, Imaging Director of Fun Radio: I was looking for a different way to make the new imaging for Fun Radio. We needed to create a new musical identity a new sonic logo and we were totally convinced by Wisebuddah.

We love their creativity and it was easy to work together. They created exactly what we wanted, and we’re delighted with the results on air.”

Marc Vickers & George Taylor, Wisebuddah Composers: Fun Radio wanted a unique recognisable sonic trigger to cut through all the noise of modern radio, we also wanted to represent the unique sound of French urban music, referencing artists and sounds we had never done before, to keep the jingles 100% authentic to the playlist.  

We were thrilled to work with such an iconic brand, and thoroughly enjoyed the process”.

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