Wisebuddah’s Josh Adley talks podcasting on BBC World Service

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Josh Adley, Head of Client Relations and Business Development, was interviewed on the BBC World Service Newshour by presenter James Menendez on Friday 7th June.

With the news that former USA President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will be partnering with Spotify to produce a series of podcasts, it couldn’t be more of an exciting time for audio.

Josh spoke to James about the global rise of podcasting and why this medium is proving popular with millennials.

Two thirds of podcast listeners are made up of 16-34 year olds. It allows young people of the Netflix generation to listen to on-demand audio whenever they want… and gives them a chance to listen to shows on such a wide variety of topics.

Josh went on to discuss how attractive podcasts are for brands due to the high levels of engagement from audiences. 91% of people listen to a podcast until the end, and more than 80% are interacting with the brands they hear on a show.

Listen to the interview here from 26:29:00.

Wisebuddah is incredibly excited about the future of podcasting and on-demand audio. We are working with a range of brands, agencies, publishers and broadcasters on multiple podcast series, with a host of new releases planned for later this year.

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