6 Brand New Wisebuddah Podcast Productions!

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Over the past few weeks we have released 6 new podcasts which we are excited to share.

We are proud to work with fantastic brands, charities and leading broadcasters to produce 6 very different series covering a wide range of subjects, from mental health in the music industry, and surviving sexual assault, to a grown-up guide to dinosaurs!

Find out more and listen to our new podcasts below:

Factor 20 (Stylist Magazine/Starbucks)

A branded content podcast series for Stylist Magazine in partnership with Starbucks. The Factor 20 podcast is hosted by comedian Luisa Omeilan as she chats to guests about their funniest, most memorable summer stories over a Starbucks iced coffee.

Listen exclusively on Spotify.

Hysteria (Audible Original)

Hysteria! presents tales of howling nuns, fainting schoolgirls, witches, wombs, online panics and threats – both imagined and real. Crossing decades and continents, and from personal panics to societal scares, Alice Lowe explores hysterical behaviour. Come join the delirium….

Filmmaker, actress and writer Alice Lowe has long been fascinated by the grey area between behavioural control and abandon. In this six-part series, she explores what we really mean when we talk about frenzies, fevers, manias and panics – both individually and throughout society.

Listen to Hysteria on Audible.

After: Surviving Sexual Assault

After gives survivors of sexual assault a voice to speak out about their experience and trauma. The podcast is presented by Catriona Morton, the founder of the brilliant Life Continues After blog.

The episodes are split into two parts, ‘Then’ and ‘Now.’ In part one of each episode, a survivor talks openly about their experience with assault and in part two, they discuss the coping mechanisms that worked for them and how the experience affected their life.

Listen to the podcast on BBC Sounds.

Elevate Music Podcast

Musicians can face a number of physical and mental issues in their career, and when untreated these can lead to real problems that can affect playing, confidence and the ability to work.

The good news is, the majority of these problems are preventable, but often musicians don’t know how to prevent the issues, or where to go when things go wrong.

This is why, in partnership with presenter Lucy Heyman, and the support of leading charity Help Musicians UK, we produced the Elevate Music Podcast – aiming to help musicians improve their health and wellbeing, one episode at a time.

Listen to Elevate Music Podcast.

A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs (Audible Original)

“Like a documentary you might see on TV…carefully translated into audio.”

Through candid interviews with the world’s top paleontologists, Professor Ben Garrod reveals new dinosaur facts from cutting edge research into the greatest animals ever to walk the planet. When we’re young, we all have a favourite dinosaur but, as time passes, other aspects of life get in the way. This is the ultimate guide for grown-ups who have lost touch with their favourite childhood dinosaurs.

Listen to A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs on Audible.

Unlearn (Audible Original)

In this podcast, writer, curator and producer Liv Little questions our modern understanding of big subjects – consent, race, transness, disability and body image – by learning more about their past.

Liv talks to contributors from across generational lines about what they’ve learnt and unlearnt during their lifetime in relation to these subjects. Has the progress that was made by each generation been positive? Or has it set us up for a more complicated present and future? And if progress is a constant state of unlearning the knowledge that’s passed on from generation to generation, what comes next?

Listen to Unlearn on Audible.

Take a look at the other podcasts we have produced here.

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